About Peter Allen & Partners

Peter Allen is an expert in the design and implementation of technology-enabled business services.

Together with his Partners, Peter brings expertise to the art of buying/subscribing and selling/servicing “As A Service” offerings.

The “As A Service” Economy refers to the increasing tendency of companies to buy/subscribe to market offerings for technology-enables business functions.  This model of business design differs from historical build-and-operate approaches that required considerable investment in unique solutions, deployment of capital, and organizational development.

Subscribers and providers in the “As A Service” Economy are adept at the technological, operational, and commercial integration of service partners.

Peter and his associates serve companies looking to make better use of third-party “As A Service” offerings, as well as those companies looking to build/sell/deliver such offerings.

Peter can be reached at:  +1.425.985.3799 or peter@peterallenpartners.com

Read more about the reach of our Partner expertise here.

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